The Kandari worship the androgynous Silavara, known as the Silver God by outsiders, and forcefully convert those they conquer. The Kandari themselves do not worship any other gods, but they do acknowledge the existence of them. They allow the worship of other gods but assert that the Silver God is the king of the gods and that the worship of any others must acknowledge the primacy of Silavara. The religion does specify that the Kandari people are supreme, and individuals of other ethnicities are subordinate to the Kandari in all aspects of life.


The Kandari clerical order is presided over by the Ablegate or Ablegess, who is selected by other high-ranking members of the clergy. The religious hierarchy is generalized with the local clergy being given a great deal of leeway. The clergy functions to provide spiritual protection, determine holiness, interpret scripture, and act as the judiciary of the Kandari Empire. The Order of the Thalmun was initially established to regulate magic, but in recent years under the reign of Mathos has expanded to enforce a hard line orthodox doctrine.

The Order of the Thalmun


In recent years the Order of the Thalmun has gained more power over the Kandari religion, particularly in regards to the use of magic. The Order expressly prohibit unsanctioned mages and will hunt down any who are discovered. Necromancers are at the top of the Order’s wanted list, but any overt use of magic in the presence of Kandari clergy runs the risk of Thalmun agents pursuing the mage. With Mathos’ relative inattention towards religion, instead focusing on politics, the Thalmun have taken the opportunity to expand their influence into the interpretation of doctrine and promoted a hard line dogma. Same sex relationships are regarded as particularly heinous by the Thalmun and are punishable by death.


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