Bargas (“home of the gods”) is the continent lying to the east of Arvim. It is the most populous of the four continents and is currently under the rule of the fledgling Kandari Empire. Bargas is a land of bustling cities and a beleaguered populace toiling at the behest of their cruel masters. The race of humanity developed on Bargas before migrating to Arvim, and it is home to many religious sites dedicated to various gods.


Gray River
Carrying glacial silt from the mountains, the Gray River is home to the Rutani and was the site of the decisive battle between Naxos’ ascendant Kandari Empire and the resisting Hosca and Rutani. After the battle the majority of Hosca migrated to Arvim, bringing some of the Rutani clans with them.

River Gaddon
The River Gaddon serves as part of the border between Deros and Kandar and was the site of the battle between Naxos and the Derosi Emperor, resulting in the emperor’s death and spurring the rise of Naxos.

Acalan Peninsula
Located on the southwest coast of Bargas, the Acalan Peninsula is largely isolated from the rest of the continent by a rift valley and the Blackrock Escarpment. The Hamadi have a treacherous trading route through the mountains and down the escarpment, but it is rare for there to be interaction between the Acalani and the rest of Bargas.

Holle Caldera
In the northeastern part of Bargas, near the Rutani lands, lies a gigantic caldera. While it has not erupted in eons, it is still geologically active, with numerous geysers and venting dangerous sulfuric fumes.

Xaell River & The Shattered Bluffs
The Xaell River drains the Untamed Lands, flowing down a series of waterfalls into the Kandari lands. The Shattered Bluffs are nearly impassable, with the only path up being along the waterfalls. Legend has it that a city called Turev was built over a necropolis near the Shattered Bluffs, thriving for centuries on trade and the exploitation of the even more ancient necropolis, but that it was utterly destroyed.

Lake Nahas
Lake Nahas serves as a significant water reserve for the savannahs of the Kandari Empire, with rivers draining into it before the lake drains into the eastern sea.

Lake Ebrus
A large body of water, Lake Ebrus lies in central Deros and provides a significant source of water and fishing for the plains area.

The Ajalt Peaks & The Wastes of Hamad
The Ajalt Peaks surround much of the Wastes of Hamad, blocking nearly all rainfall from the Wastes. The Hamadi city of Khasra is built near the confluence of two rivers carrying meltwater from the Peaks.

Scupi River
Lying in central Deros, the Scupi River drains a large part of the Derosi Republic.

River Glemt & Glemt Fens
Serving as part of the border between the Uthad Confederation and the Kandari Empire, the River Glemt drains from the mountains surrounding the Holle Caldera. It spreads out into a wide mixture of marshes and swamps, spreading across a 50 mile expanse at the coast. There is no consistent path through the fens, forcing travelers to choose between circling around the fens, a journey of nearly 200 miles, find a path through the fens, or to find a boat to take along the coast.

Isle of Merkigil
An island off the northwest coast of Bargas, the Isle of Merkigil is home to the majority of the Hoscan population. The Hoscan capital of Ringsted is situated on its east coast.


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