Deadly and Confused


Bieito: A Stranger in a Strange Land

Bieito grew up in an average family in an average town in the Oseteren lands on Arvim. He had a sister and a brother, born in between the two. He was somewhat withdrawn but somewhat personable, at least personable enough to keep business going when he was old enough to work his father’s inn. His brother over time became unruly and criminal, stealing and assaulting people in the town, the family had to disown him to keep their business going. They family would ever be the same.

His father took to the drink to cope with the hole in his heart that his eldest son had left. He was habitually drunk. Business started to suffer. To compensate his mother asked Bieitio to help with the business. He reluctantly agreed and took to the career of inkeep. He ran a tight shift, but was fair with his workers. He had a reputation for being respectful and was respected in turn. For several years his mediocre life continued on. Over time the peace that the Hosca had hammered out and maintained for so long began to fracture.

The Hosca had allowed the Osteren to take over lands that were not hosca, and the dwarves were beaten and decimated. Then one day, a Sergeant came to his inn and took him, as he was of fighting age. He was drafted and there was nothing to be done. When he was assigned to his unit, a strange man came to speak, and then nothing. There was nothing to recall until he was in a strange city, speaking a strange language, and as he saw a ripple in the sky. The last thing he remembered was watching that strange man come to speak. Everything, months, possibly years had lapsed without his recollection. He was terrified.

He was never a strong man, he never had to be. And that made him an easy target for criminals. Or so they thought. The first time he was attacked his would-be assailant came around a corner and held a knife to Bieito. Something took over him, an instinct he never before possessed. He felt a sudden warmth pass into his body as the poor soul slumped into a pile of relaxed, dead, flesh and bone. He had no idea whatsoever that he could do such an evil thing. What had become of him?

He would travel alone, always setting camp out of the way and out of sight. His greatest fear was having to injure or kill unnecessarily. He began to wonder what else he might be capable of. He started to concentrate on small objects to see what would happen. He froze things, even in the summer. It was incredible. He kept it secret, going from town to town, and relieving it of its riff-raff. He never took credit, he knew what he could do, and knew it would make him a target. He stayed in the Hosca and Rutani Lands on the west as long as he could. Occasionally taking a hired security gig when he felt impatient he moved. He doesn’t know where he’s been, has no idea what he’s become, and the gods only know what may come back to him while he continues on.


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