The Brewing Tempests

On The Road Again

-or- Sileth, beam us up

15 Aslala – 17 Aslala of the year 73

After retiring for the night following sending the messenger to Akora, the party had a quiet couple days. Calissa took the opportunity to improve some of her skills, Emmerick sold the jewelry he had found in the ruins after they killed Morden, and Bieito, Benjamin, and Sileth crafted new spells. Benjamin also spent some time obtaining herbalism ingredients, while Bieito, after several attempts, managed to craft a necklace from the stone he had imprisoned a ghost in by attaching it to a leather strap.

13ddc295c421e43b99485e6aef08fa7d.jpgThe morning of the third day, however, saw the quiet end. They were awoken by a fight outside the Spectrum Creature; three of the Grim Sea clan members were fighting four members of a rival clan. Emmerick rushed outside, saying hello to one of the opponents just before running him through with his sword. The Grim Sea men were holding their own, and Bieito took out one of the other clan’s men with a clout shot and another with an arrow through his superior vena cava after Calissa stunned him with her hammer. With the last opponent distracted by two of Benjamin’s dogs attacking him, a Grim Sea man decapitated him with the decapitated head hitting Bieito in the head. The Grim Sea men thanked the party for their assistance and explained that they and the Black Fist clan had a blood feud going back two generations; tensions had been running high of late, and they were ambushed by the men.

0b4a5bebb13238154d740afb9a741281.jpgMid-afternoon a Derosi ship docked in the port, carrying a number of exotic goods. Sileth inquired with them whether they could book passage south; the captain said they would be in port for a few days, then they would proceed south to Recco, Sibero, and the last stop would be Viroconum in the Derosi Republic. He could take them to Recco for 25 silver each, and further south would be more.

Sileth then visited with Authulf at the Frozen Dryad, who had been able to make progress on acquiring the materials to destroy the ring. He informed Sileth that the Derosi ship had the rarer, more difficult to acquire materials that would enable him to remove the enchantment or enchantments on the ring, so it could be destroyed considerably sooner than they had expected. Sileth thanked him for the good news and returned to the Spectrum Creature to inform the others.

That evening the city guard came to question the party about the fight in the morning; Emmerick told them they had been assisting the Grim Sea men, and the guards warned them that interfering in clan business was prohibited. The city guard maintained the peace, with inter-clan business being settled between themselves. The clans had a long-standing agreement that they would not bring outside groups into their score settling, but as the party was unaware of this the guards let them off with a warning.

Several hours later Benjamin heard Lady Kurral‘s voice: “Destroying the ring, Benjamin? Poor choice.” He was shaken by this, and quietly told Sileth about it. At the same time Benjamin heard Kurral’s voice Bieito felt a strong buzzing behind his ear that stopped when the link was broken. Sileth picked up on Bieito’s confusion and asked him about it; he told the rest of the party about it, and they found a small lump and a scar that appeared to be relatively old. Calissa deduced it was from before he left Arvim, and Sileth was able to detect a beacon mark located on the lump. It seemed a small, beacon-marked object had been inserted under Bieito’s skin, and Sileth was able to cast a counterspell to remove the beacon mark. Sileth assumed Bieito had been the conduit for Kurral to contact Benjamin and believed removing the mark would eliminate that option. He was also able to determine that while he had removed the beacon mark from Bieito, it was networked with others from Arvim. His presence would no longer be detectable through the beacon, but he could still locate others in the network.

Unnerved by Kurral’s ability to reach out to such a distance and aware of the potential for reprisals against his family, Benjamin believed they needed to move immediately. Sileth agreed, but instead of setting sail he felt it was possible he would be able to teleport the party to Benjamin’s ranch. It would be exceedingly difficult, as it was about 550 miles, but it was possible. The party gathered their gear, Sileth retrieved the ring from Authulf on the way to a clear area outside of the city, and with Calissa having buffed his abilities and a potion from Benjamin that granted him a temporary boost he attempted the spell.

10955-1-1330983182.jpgThe party, along with Biggles, Cane, and the other two dogs in Benjamin’s pack, materialized several hundred yards from Benjamin’s ranch house. There was a strong ozone smell from the spell, and Sileth immediately collapsed, having completely drained himself with the spell.

“Well, that was an interesting move.” Kurral communicated to Benjamin. Disturbed by her still being able to communicate with him, Benjamin nonetheless helped the others carry Sileth to the house. He was brusquely greeted by his father; he was less than happy to see Benjamin, having regarded him as a disappointment, and was unimpressed that he had learned druidry and the ability to shape wood, pointing out that his mother had been able to raise the dead to plow the fields. He also was not pleased that Benjamin had brought company, particularly mages, which was revealed when he asked about the lingering scent of ozone.

Meanwhile, Bieito had been feeling a light buzzing behind his ear again. While not nearly as intense as when he first felt it, it was noticeable, and when he moved in the direction of Kurral’s keep it would almost imperceptibly strengthen.

Once inside the party got Sileth settled in a bed to recover, and Emmerick demonstrated new abilities when he used telekinesis to move a cup 20 feet across the house to him. The others were shocked by this, as he had never shown any arcane affinity previously, but Morden’s consciousness had left residual traces on him. He was by no means adept, but he could now perform relatively minor spells.

passing-torch.jpgThe party retired for the night, but several hours later Emmerick was woken by the sound of a half dozen horses outside. He roused the others and with the exception of Sileth, who was still too exhausted to be of assistance in a fight, they prepared for an attack. Benjamin and Bieito both took herbs that improved their marksmanship, which proved to be extremely beneficial. Outside were six men armed with broadswords carrying torches; while Sileth and Benjamin stayed inside, Calissa, Emmerick, and Bieito moved outside. Emmerick cast another telekinesis spell, this one to block incoming projectiles, and they engaged the attackers.

27704F6C00000578-3034632-image-m-9_1428737926957.jpgWhile three of Kurral’s men threw torches into the house, another directed them and two more approached. Sileth busied himself with putting out the fires as Bieito and Benjamin fired on the leader and Calissa and Emmerick engaged in melee combat; Emmerick, however, was hit by two spells from the leader, the first causing him to tremble in fear and the second making him dance. The men throwing torches switched to throwing them onto the roof, setting it on fire, and Emmerick climbed up onto it, silhouetting his dancing against the flames. Benjamin and Bieito managed to take out the leader, which released Emmerick from the spells, and while he attempted and failed to jump onto one of the attackers he did succeed in severely wounding another before disemboweling the one he tried to land on. Benjamin sicced two of his dogs on the remaining men, which ended poorly when one missed and the other lunged but ended up impaling himself on the attacker’s sword. The roof of the house was still on fire, and while they were able to extinguish the flames it was not until about a third of it had been burned.

Body Count: 4 Black Fist clan members, 6 of Kurral’s men.
Baller Moment of the Week: Sileth teleporting the party about 550 miles.
Fuckup of the Week: Emmerick break dancing.

Running Body Count: 124 humans, 56 creatures, 76 undead, 1 demon


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