Races of Bargas

Native to Bargas

While humans are the only race native to Bargas, there are a number of different ethnicities present.

The Kandari
The new power of Bargas, the Kandari Empire is a theocracy with the Emperor serving as a figurative head of the religion and the secular ruler of the Empire. The Silavara clergy have gained considerable power subsequent to the rise of Naxos due to his piety and devotion to spreading the worship of the Silver God. In recent years, the Order of the Thalmun have risen in prominence in the Empire, increasing the difficulty for unregulated mages to operate and forcing a greater adherence to extreme dogma. The Kandari people are well-educated, highly religious, and enjoy entertaining.

The Derosi
Long the dominant power of Bargas, the Derosi Republic fell to Naxos after his army crushed the Emperor of the Derosi in a battle at the River Gadden. Its legions are still among the most disciplined, well-trained, and formidable fighting forces in Bargas. A senate handles all matters of lawmaking, with an elected Potentate or Potentess acting as ruler; prior to the conquest by Kandar, this would have been an Emperor or Empress. The Derosi have borne the brunt of Kandari belligerence as retribution for their years of subjugation.

The Rutani
The final holdouts against Naxos, along with the Hosca, The Rutan Kingdom is largely plains in the south with forests and mountains in the north. The Rutani are primarily nomadic horse lords, but there are several settlements. The Rutani are particularly adept at connecting with their horses, with the rider and mount becoming one in battle, and they are excellent at mounted combat.

The Hosca
Hosca are a fair eyed, grim and hardy people who worship the the ocean and its strange gods. Hosca are known for their fierce anger when stirred, their wanderlust, and their courage. Their society is based on familial ties and clan relationships going back many generations. Clan leaders rule as landowners and an elaborate system of oaths, personal loyalties, and silent grudges knits their culture together. While most Hosca migrated to Arvim after the rise of the Kandari Empire, there remains a relatively small population of Hosca in Bargas.

The Acalani
The Acalani are a dark-skinned, savage but scientifically advanced people in southwestern Bargas on the Acalan Peninsula. The natural barrier of the Blackrock Escarpment and the rift valley it forms acts to isolate the kingdom from the rest of Bargas, although there are several disused routes through it. The Acalani practice ritual sacrifice to their blood gods and worship the moons and stars. Due to the high temperature and humidity of the Acalan climate they only use light armor, and they have learned to utilize the natural dangers of the jungles to their benefit, particularly regarding poisons. They have learned to manipulate obsidian to reduce its brittleness, making their weapons more effective, and have highly advanced astronomical studies that aid in their prophecies.

The Hamadi
A dark-skinned people largely consisting of nomadic tribes, the Hamadi live in the deserts northeast of the Blackrock Escarpment. They do have several cities that act largely to facilitate the trade of exotic goods. Most of the exotic goods of Bargas flow through the Emirate, either coming from the Acalan Peninsula or originating in the mountains and desert. The emir resides in Khasra, located near the confluence of two rivers carrying meltwater from the Ajalt Peaks.

The Uthad
The Uthad are a fair-skinned, fiercely independent warrior race. Inhabiting the forests and mountains of Bargas, they are highly attuned to the environment and are very devout worshippers of a natural deity pantheon. Several centuries ago the Uthad clans made peace among themselves, establishing the Uthad Confederation consisting of the separate nations of Islay, Arran, Phadrig, and Kilda.

Other Races

Whereas there are a number of ethnicities native to Bargas, on rare occasion peoples from Arvim are seen in Bargas.

The Sureni
The Sureni are an ancient people who trace their lineage back to heroes such as Tar’qesh the Great, who once united all of Arvim under a single banner. They are a dark skinned race of shrewd merchants, learned scholars, skilled horsemen, and powerful sorcerers. Under the reign of King Lugarand the Sureni have suffered persecution from the Osteren Tamaziri, resulting in many Sureni leaving the Empire and striking out on their own. The Sureni are a people devoted to their Yahani faith, first taught by the Beggar King Zahir. When seen in Bargas, they are usually involved in the Tamaziri Empire’s slave trade.

The Osteren
Hailing from the fertile lowlands of Arvim, the Osteren are the most famed warriors in the land. Their skill at arms is rivaled only by their mistrust of other races, and one another. Osteren lands are filled with ambitious lords and petty kings, endlessly warring upon each other for honor and power. The Osteren are also known for constructing formidable keeps and fortresses, which ensure that no outside foe will wrest control of their lands without great cost. Like the Sureni, the Osteren are a religious folk, clinging mightily to an Orthodox faith in their God, Ahnwe.

The Nuphites
Some say the Nuphites are distant cousins to the Sureni. Though they do share some physical traits, the Nuphite people are reclusive and savage, and defend their highland homes with ferocity. They are a brooding race, known for their distrust of outsiders and elusiveness within their own territory. Nuphites make for terrible enemies and stalwart companions.

The Dwarves
The Dwarves have only recently returned to Arvim, after having been driven from the land by the Tamaziri centuries ago. Dwarves are renowned for their hardiness, discipline, and their steadfast loyalty to their friends. The bonds between the Hosca and the Dwarves were strengthened when merely a generation ago, the Dwarves stood with their Hosca allies against King Lugarand. In recent years the Dwarves have established enclaves in several cities in Bargas, carving out a niche in illicit goods and services.

The Elves
Almost nothing is known of the ancient Elven race, as very few ever venture beyond their hinterland borders. Legends speak of creatures possessing impossible beauty, grace, and melancholy, though very few in Arvim have ever met a member of this mysterious tribe, and they are virtually unknown in Bargas. The Sureni revere Elves as messengers from the gods, while many other human ethnicities view them as myth.

Races of Bargas

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