Guilds and Factions

The Burning Fists

The Burnings Fists are a guild of Mercenaries with branches across much of Bargas. Pug’s sister gained his entrance and he quickly became a respected mercenary. His reputation for being a fuck up in life was legendary, but his professionalism was second to none. They lack contact in the Uthad and the Alacani lands due to past hostile relations, but they are trying to make inroads. They are secretive and insular. Their main base of operations is in the Derosi lands and their official allegiance lies with them ultimately, though their membership is known to defect for enough coin. They are, after all, mercenaries.

The Free Hand

The Free Hand is one of the many thieves guilds in Deros. It is not the biggest, it is not the most feared, but it is respected. Both vicious and calculating, they get the job done. It was established several generations ago and it is not known who runs it, if any one individual actually does. The structure is a mystery even to most of its members. They never leave the Derosi lands and rarely leave the confines of the city.

Knights of the Beaver

A group of young, uncouth, misogynistic fighters that had been harassing women in Aramore. The party humiliated their leader and chased them out of town.

Residents of the Dark

A group that had left a note in a barrow the party visited and found empty.

Cirque du Dark

A traveling theater troupe in Bargas.

Laughing Brawlers

An adventuring group the party encountered on the road to Skara.

Guilds and Factions

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