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  • Welcome to Sibero

    _Date: 16 Jamila of the year 72_ Arriving in Sibero as part of a caravan escort, the party went to one of the local taverns. The Kandari [[:akora | Akora]] sought out his friend and mentor [[:donnel-gartoli | Donnel Gartoli]] and received tips about …

  • Smugglers & Storms

    _4 Shahina - 18 Bahha of the year 72_ The party began with [[:akora | Akora]] recovering from his nearly fatal wounds and [[:deuspugno | Deuspugno]] atoning for the party's mistakes while [[:emmerick | Emmerick]] and [[:i-aka | IƱaka]] were at Lord [[: …

  • Dogmeel

    Based in the Rutan Kingdom town of Sibero, Dogmeel is a Rutani merchant who specializes in work that isn't exactly legal. His leads usually involve a great deal of risk, but pay off well.

  • Donnel Gartoli

    Gartoli is a jovial but ruthless merchant and caravan captain. His journeys have led him to all corners of the Empire and back again. He has a reputation for generosity and has been known to give coin to orphans wherever he goes. Despite this, his …

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