The first emperor of the Kandari Empire


The first emperor of Kandar, Naxos was the son of a potter, yet had been invited to study under the Kandari Patriarch Kaleppo as his page. When the Patriarchs of Kandar rose in revolt against the Emperor Tullus, he led the armies against Deros but after a few minor skirmishes a major battle was fought with Deros achieving a great victory. Kaleppo was killed, leaving their army in complete disarray as it fled the field. Confident that the Kandari were broken, the Emperor returned to Deros in triumph before the onset of winter.

Naxos took the initiative during the Kandari retreat, leading the army into the wilderness to regroup. He drilled his army through the winter, and what remained composed a small but formidable force. In the spring when the snows melted, the Kandari army emerged, battered but intact and defiant under Naxos’ command.

Determined to end the rebellion, the Emperor marched to meet the young upstart and the two armies met near the River Gaddon. The result was the complete annihilation of the Derosi force and the death of the Emperor. Wasting no time, Naxos turned toward Deros, hiring mercenaries and recruiting more disaffected peasants along the way. The Lords of Deros sought to bargain with Naxos, and when they agreed to parlay with him outside the city walls, he seized them and had them beheaded. After a brief siege, the remaining Lords realized their fate and opened the city gates. True to his word, Naxos ordered no looting of the city before accepting the allegiance of the remaining Lords, making him Emperor. After a century of being ruled, the city of Kandar had finally achieved the preeminence it so desired.

Many of the remaining kingdoms and cities of the Empire seized this opportunity to declare their independence from the Empire. And so began a decade of constant warfare as the new Emperor sought to reunify the shattered Empire. As the conquests added up, rumors of forced conversion to the Kandari God began to spread. Naxos was apparently a devout man, and insisted that all citizens of his dominion give up their barbaric totems and heretical rites.

The last two peoples to defy Naxos were the Rutani and their kinsmen the Hosca. Though the situation seemed hopeless, the King of the Hosca made a blood pact with the Chieftan of the Rutani clans that they would never submit to the Emperor and his Silver God. Naxos met them in battle and proved his prowess yet again, utterly crushing the rebels and ending their power forever. The retreating Hosca, along with dozens of Rutani, boarded their longships and set sail rather than live under the yoke of a tyrant.


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