A not so charming, unfortunate mercenary.



Brawn: 3
Agility: 2
Will: 3


Charm: 1
Folklore: 1
Combat: 1
Intimidate: 1
Intuition: 1
Observation: 1
Leadership: 1
Navigation: 1
Spellcraft: 1 (Scribe: 1)
Thaumaturgy: 1 (Heal: 1, Smite:1)


Deuspugno: The Mercenary Who Fucked Up A Lot

Deuspugno, or simply “Pug” if you knew him well enough, was many things to many people; mostly a talented mercenary and a generally awkward, hapless, fuck up. It wasn’t so much an issue of poor circumstance, he just couldn’t care less about all things not coin, woman, or drink. Some believe those to be his finer characteristics. Slow to trust, but exceedingly loyal to those who help him well or pay him, he has few friends. He also has few enemies that he knows of. However, it is worth noting that he wouldn’t know if he did.

His path to his current station in life is a convoluted one. Like all great stories of men and women, it started in his youth. He was part of a small but eccentric family which was suspicious of anyone they did not know. Or at least the matriarch was. To use a less appropriate term, she was the one wearing the pants in the relationship. She was the head of the household within the walls of the home and was not quite brutally abusive, rather she was merely frequently abusive. Some who knew the family closer than most suspected she was afflicted with madness as she was labile at best and unstable on the worst of days.

Her preferred method of punishment was to beat the misbehavior out of the young children. She often would utilize any object at hand to carry out her strikes. When they were lucky, the children were stricken with rope, when they were unlucky it could be a pan. Both children came to believe that their mother hated them because of her constant quips and outbursts of anger. Her tendency to belittle and strip the children of their dignity was suspected outside the home’s walls, but no one believed it to be their problem. It was a family matter, and their family was strange enough as it was. But the most difficult punishment, and at times general state of things, was the neglect. The children were often left home alone while she snuck out to drink and make some extra coin in her own way. The children knew. The village knew, everyone but the children’s father knew, and most believed him to merely be turning a blind eye.

Before the children were 10, the mother left the family to pursue a greater cause: a brothel in the city. She was to manage the younger women and instruct. Her lover went with her, it was his own establishment. Her children would never come to know this. Their father would never tell them, either to protect them or to protect his own ego shattered. The day she left, she left a note for the children which was replete with lies. However, perhaps the most honest statement of the letter was her apology and confession that her inability to be a mother was the reason she left.

Deuspugno’s twin sister, Ambrosia, was both the more wild of the two children, and the object of most of the mother’s attention. This kind of attention was not what most would seek, but that was her way. The confrontations between her and her mother taught her to become scrappy and look forward to the fight. And she loved to fight. Those times when she would get in deeper trouble and Pug was around to deflect the pysical attacks from the mother by taking them himself. His sister was grateful for this and would never forget. This built her rather infamous demeanor as a rabble rouser within the village. She took advantage of it, too. Her peers which faced abuse from the other children learned that her skills were expensive for their age, but well worth the investment. She would never get close to any of her peers, however, constantly keeping them at arm’s length to keep from letting her secrets be told.

Pug, himself hated his mother and resented his father. He trusted no one and was always on the alert for those who would undermine him. His father never protected him from his mother, which Pug always viewed as implicit approval of the treatment. He viewed his father as weak for his tendency to always defer to the mother in all matters, especially those which were related to the children. The one thing Pug did appreciate of his father’s doing was the fact that he could not keep his first wife. His second wife however, would change things, for better or worse, and Pug’s life would be forever altered.

In his generally irascible demeanor he came to be known as a lost cause. He was untrainable and did not care enough to learn any skills. This would change when he met Kassandra. She was the village mystic and she saw great pain in him. So she set out to show him how to treat not only his own pain, but also the pain of others. She could feel a tinge of magical ability in him and worked on gaining his trust. He would become quite adept at healing with magic and he would also start to learn the parables and scriptures of Deo. His anger would subside, but everyone still saw him as a little strange and he still largely kept to himself. He would work on his own talents to learn to defend himself as he moved forward in life.

His father, Dionys was not the paragon of masculinity. He never knew anger and always spoke of the virtue of peace. As a result he was not the most attentive either. He thought his wife was enough of a disciplinarian that the children would learn valuable life lessons without his help. The got injured a lot. You could say he was a fan of natural consequences. Since he was nonviolent, the kids had to train themselves as fighters, He considers their penchant for the fight his greatest failure. Though he was not a religious man by any strech of the mind, he did see everything as being part of one omnipresent and all encompassing God. This inspired his pacifism, as an attack against anything was an attack on God in his eyes. This was also the root of a gullibility that was often taken advantage of.

Free spirited and lenient, he attracted the eye of the mystic, Pug’s teacher and mentor Kassandra. Their love for all things inspired a love between them that would last for ages, long after the children left the home to start their own lives. The two would marry and produce a child of their own, Zander, and Pug would receive the addition to the family warmly, his twin sister would not. She saw the young half-brother as an affront to the family. There were secrets that she kept, as well as Pug, that affected them differently. Kassandra would have inappropriate relations with the children while the father was away at times, and the children never told a soul.

Eventually, in his adolescence Pug would find some enjoyment in putting his magic to use, and the teachers of the school who had previously served in the military saw great potential in him as a warrior mage. His talent was well known and appreciated at the school; he was the unofficial medic. Tales of glory and victory were spun for him until he took the plunge and joined the ranks of the training warrior youth. He was trained to fight and he took to it well. He was considered a natural. He was trained in combat with swords, small blades, and axes. He loved his axe. The others were okay, but his axe was his friend. He also learned how to use his magic offensively in order to make him more effective on the battlefield.

In social circles nearly everyone considered him a friend, though he felt alone. Those who didn’t care for him were typically those who would antagonize others for no reason. Pug had a tendency not only to seek justice, but humiliate the offender in the process. His reputation began to precede him and he was taken into seminary to hone his magical skill and learn the ways of the clergy. He was becoming a rare fighter, indeed. He appreciated the fact that he was seen as good to someone, and took to it and quickly learned all he could before he was taken for his time in his eventual company and unit.

Though he never got close to anyone in particular, he did take interest in a few young women, after all…he is only human. During his education and training he met three young women and they all fell for the dark, mysterious young man that he represented. Loriana was his first sort of love. They had much in common, but j could not bring himself to try and connect with her emotionally. His first lust, they shared a bed for each other’s first time. He is unaware of any child between them and if there is one, would prefer to remain unaware. She was a little too similar to himself and had a constant chip on her shoulder. The two fought often and eventually he took the high road and left her. Venus was his second love. She was the most understanding of his life, and he opened up to her more and more as time passed by. She never judged him and he trusted her. One day she abruptly stopped making appearances at the academy and he was crushed. And then there was Christinia. They were physical in every sense of the word and rarely spoke an affectionate word. Once he was to be sent off to join his unit, she soon after learned of her first pregnancy. It was his child and he never knew of the child.

He would grow to become a rather careless and insubordinate soldier. He never saw glory, he saw the horizon and nothing more. It was a time of relative peace. As a concurrent member of the fighting ranks and the clergy, he was held to a much higher standard, one which he intentionally failed to meet. He had a lot of trouble taking the trappings of the clergy seriously and found that women, drink, and coin were more important to him than maintaining some illusion of purity of soul. He was kept a member of the clergy as long as possible however, partially because no one saw Pug lasting a term in the military, but also because he was so damned good at healing. He was constantly practicing and perfecting his skills. They respected at least that much about him.

In his military life, he found camaraderie and friendship with a few members of his unit. They saw how much he practiced both of his skills (Pug practically only woke, ate, trained, and slept most days) and as he improved, they asked him to teach them what he taught himself. Cicero, Augstine, Marcus, and Virgil all befriended him despite his peculiarity and the three would often go off in search of ale and women, with varying success among them. He drank a lot of ale when he could, he developed a reputation as a party starter…he said something about “celebrating life before death’s cold touch could embrace us”. No one cared for the dark imagery, but there was a lot of drinking, a lot of fucking, and a lot of bad decisions made every time he decided he needed to cut loose.

His other reputation was among his superiors, and it was not a glowing one. His military higher-ups were often remanding him for his antics and general lack of respect for them. They tried everything he had experienced as a child to get him in line, and it was all to no avail. He had a great deal of trouble taking orders. Frequently insulted the intelligence of the officer’s in charge, and in at least two instances was caught mid-coitus with the superior’s wives and girlfriends. Once that had been discoevered he was swiftly ejected from botjh the military and the clergy. It was of little concern to Pug, though. He had no plan and just wanted to get by.

The clergy also found that he was writing and holding heretical thoughts. His journal was full of exressions of doubt. Not only doubts about his commitments, but doubts about the very existence of Deo. There were questions critical of both the teachings and the validity of the texts on which the religion was based. His influence would have been very disruptive and would not have been conducive to order. He was not missed after that discovery.

After the military/clergy experience he wandered aimlessly trying to find a spot where he could settle in. He was a nomad at heart, however and couldn’t stay in one place for too long. Eventually, purely by happenchance, he found his sister when he applying for a security detail for a merchant’s caravan. After a loving catching up period, they took the same job and continued to catch up and stuck together for a while after that. He learned, much to his ambivalence, that their mother had died. His sister had found her in a home for beggars one day and kept in touch. Their mother had become pitiful. His sister stayed in contact with the mother until her death of natural causes. He also learned of his father’s disappearance. It was under odd circumstances. First his wife had disappeared and then he would vanish into nothingness it appeared. His loves had moved forward with their lives, but Loriana was in search of him with ill intent according to the rumor mill back home.

Eventually, his sister would introduce him to her guild, the Burning Fists, and he joined with no fanfare. He built a similar reputation to that of his military career…carefree (or careless depending on who you asked), in love with coin, and chasing after women but not keeping them. During this time he truly perfected his skill with his axe and became known as the raucous and taunting one. Over time, he developed a lifestyle which he grew accustomed to, and made enough coin to support that support it. One day, after about a year after their reunion, his sister went missing like the rest of his family, This was the last straw, he would stop at nothing to find her. After years in life aimless and alone, he finally found purpose in life.

He never stopped chasing tail, and never speaks of his days in the military, and is a general fuck up interpersonally and at times in his endeavors. He will not be dissuaded from his chosen path and will find his sister, if not the rest of his family. He has few morals and qualms. All he has is is awkward charm, his magic, and his axe. If you ask him, that is all he needs.


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