Chaav Ijaat

The elf with the epic death


A mysterious, short tempered elven nomad, Chaav has journeyed to Bargas from Arvim. The night the party eliminated a group of slavers attempting to take them Chaav died.

Based on the party’s investigation, it appears that while on watch he began choking on a loaf of bread he was eating. Attempting to wash it down with strong wine, he ended up spilling some on himself, which then caught fire from an ember falling off his torch. Running in a panic, he managed to run straight into a tree, with the end of a broken limb going through his eye. The party didn’t find his body there; it had instead been dragged off to the edge of a stream by what appeared to have been a cave lion or sabertooth cat, where most of the body was devoured. Chaav’s skull had been cracked, apparently by a turtle dropped by an eagle, who mistook it as a rock it could use to break the turtle’s skull. There was also a pile of bear feces next to the body, evidence that bears do shit in the woods.

Chaav Ijaat

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