The Brewing Tempests

Welcome to Sibero

-or- How not to negotiate with slavers

Date: 16 Jamila of the year 72

Arriving in Sibero as part of a caravan escort, the party went to one of the local taverns. The Kandari Akora sought out his friend and mentor Donnel Gartoli and received tips about ruins to the west and southwest of Sibero, as well as potentially a group of bandits harassing caravans on the road near a ruin to the northeast. As he is wont to do, the Acalani Iñaka messed with the tuning of Akora’s lyre when he wasn’t looking, though in this case it had the unintended consequence of making his usually mediocre play more than acceptable.

Late that night, while Akora played and the Derosi Pug used it to his advantage with the barmaid, the Uthad Emmerick went looking around the town. The elf Chaav went out separately to search the town. Emmerick found a few Kandari he had heard about in the tavern and observed them, remaining hidden until they approached the tavern. When asked about whether he worshiped the Silver God, he responded with “Fuck your Silver God” and went back inside, followed by two Kandari priests and four other men.

The priests asserted that everyone present in the tavern, with the exception of the bartender and barmaid, was to be taken as a slave for the Kandari. Akora protested that as a Kandari citizen he was not subject to the order, holding his own against one of the priests when quoting scripture, but the priests were not swayed.

The relatively drunk Emmerick proceeded to draw his sword, which led to the slavers becoming immediately hostile. Pug, using his thaumaturgy expertise, attempted to smite one of the slavers; being quite drunk and horny, it backfired, instead hulking out the slaver he attempted to hurt. The majority of the slavers then attacked Pug, attempting to eliminate the party’s caster.

Chaav returned upon hearing the sounds of battle, proceeding to shoot one of the adversaries in the back. Iñaka, having put on his warpaint and headdress, would rise from cover to shoot the slavers, while Pug and Akora engaged in melee combat. Emmerick tried to attack one of the slavers, but managed to slip on spilled ale, cutting himself on his sword when he fell.

Chaav beheaded one of the slavers, with the head landing behind the table Iñaka was using for cover; he proceeded to use the blood as warpaint while the party finished off the slavers inside. Hearing a commotion outside the back door, Pug and Akora rushed outside carrying the bodies of the priests, convincing the four slavers out there that help was needed inside. They took out the last two of the slavers, slitting the throat of one, while Iñaka, Emmerick, and Chaav killed one of the other two; Chaav shot an arrow that split split the slaver’s cheek, took off his ear, and peeled back part of his scalp after the slaver was shocked by Iñaka throwing the severed head at him. The last slaver, one of the leaders, surrendered, and after being interrogated by Akora was released. Emmerick went behind the bar and poured himself a drink, while Pug hit on the barmaid again, attempting to follow up on the promise of meeting after the tavern closed. He failed spectacularly. The party then disposed of the bodies, sold the extra Kandari horse and their wagon to Dogmeel, and set up camp about a mile north of Sibero.

Body count: 9 (2 priests, 7 slavers)
Baller moment of the week: Emmerick walking over to the bar and pouring himself a drink after the fight was over.
Fuckup of the week: Pug adding to the health of an enemy.


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